At Gresham Post Acute Care & Rehab, we specialize in short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care. Our goal is to successfully transition patients from hospital to home and provide the tools for each phase of recovery.

It’s a fact that no two people are the same or require the same exact treatment regimen. Our health care professionals communicate with you, your family and your physician to define a treatment plan that best suits your goals. Whether you are recovering from an illness, injury or joint replacement surgery, Gresham Post Acute Care & Rehab’s highly skilled clinical team provides the care you need to transition from the hospital and return to your active lifestyle.

With our rehabilitation and post-acute care programs, your journey to recovery is measured every step of the way to ensure that you’re receiving the right level of care to achieve your goals and expectations. 

During your stay, we also provide ongoing, comprehensive evaluations to determine your need for home health or outpatient services on your return home. Our goal is not only for you to recover, but also to prevent future complications through education and enhanced well-being.


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